Local announces plans to run for Second District seat

March 7, 2013

Portia Williams

PDT Staff Writer

Ronnie Richards addressed a crowd of 23 people Wednesday at Port City Cafe about his plan to run for the seat in the Second District Ohio House of Representative, a seat currently occupied by Republican Brad Wenstrup.

Despite Wenstrup’s recent election to the seat, Richards said he was advised to run early and run quickly in order to be in contention.

“As you know, I am running as a Democrat and I wear that party’s label proudly. It is a question of economic justice. I don’t think folks are getting a fair shake out of Washington,” Richard’s said.

Richards is a native of Columbus, Ohio — raised in the Toledo area, and has been a resident of Scioto County since 1979. He served in Vietnam as a combat medic and attended Bowling Green State University.

Richards said the meeting is the first of many organizational meetings to prepare to run. He said he would need 15 staff members to begin the work and has obtained commitments from six people to serve.

Richards said he relocated from the state of Washington with his two children, in 1979, with a mere 600 dollars in his pocket.

“This race has very little to do with me. It is about you, and you, and you,” Richards said.

Richards alluded to two problems which plague the local community — drugs and prostitution.

“And this race is just as much as that girl down on the corner of Eighth and Boundary, trying to sell her body to buy drugs, this is her seat, just as much as it is anybody else’s,” Richards said.

Richards expounded upon what he believes the role of government should be.

“I recall my father telling me governments do not have rights, they have obligations and responsibilities. I believe in a government that is efficient, and responds to the needs of the people. Sometimes those needs call for more government, sometimes those needs call for less,” he said.

Richards was emphatic on his stance in regard to excessive government intervention.

“I do not believe the government has any right in anyone’s bedrooms. I do not believe the government has the right to tell people what they can, or cannot do with their bodies, or whom they may love, or whom they may marry,” Richards said.

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