Sequestration impacts SSU programs

March 1, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

As President Barack Obama works with Capitol Hill leadership on a deal to lessen the impact of the federal sequestration that began Friday, some federally funded Shawnee State University (SSU) programs will receive a reduction in funding.

According to released information from SSU, funding has been reduced for the following programs, Upward Bound, Student Support Services, EOC (Educational Opportunity Center), and Federal Work Study programs.

“In the absence of guidelines or time lines from the government, we have attempted to minimize the impact of these cuts by reducing programming and staff hours and reallocating a small amount of university funds to see us through the remainder of our fiscal year,” said Dr. Rita Rice Morris, President of SSU in a released statement. “These strategies will minimize the impact upon the programs and work study employees while we await decisions about future funding. As we plan for next year’s university budget we expect to make the federal cuts permanent. Additionally we will work with our legislative representatives to advocate for reinstatement of funding and our community partners to find ways to continue the underfunded programs.”

On Friday morning President Obama meet with the leadership of both parties to talk about a way forward.

“I told them these cuts will hurt our economy. They will cost us jobs. And to set it right, both sides need to be willing to compromise. The good news is the American people are strong and they’re resilient. They fought hard to recover from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and we will get through this as well. Even with these cuts in place, folks all across this country will work hard to make sure that we keep the recovery going. But Washington sure isn’t making it easy,” Obama said. “At a time when our businesses have finally begun to get some traction — hiring new workers, bringing jobs back to America — we shouldn’t be making a series of dumb, arbitrary cuts to things that businesses depend on and workers depend on, like education, and research, and infrastructure and defense. It’s unnecessary. And at a time when too many Americans are still looking for work, it’s inexcusable.”

Once in full effect the sequestration will result in $85 billion in spending cuts in the federal budget.

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