3 council candidates running unopposed

February 7, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Barring an upset by a write-in candidate or rejected petitions, the three people who will fill the three Portsmouth City Council seats up for grabs in the upcoming general election, are Kevin W.W. Johnson in the First Ward; Kevin E. Johnson in the Third Ward, and Gene Meadows in the Fifth Ward.

The last person to file was Meadows Wednesday afternoon. Meadows was recently selected by the other members of City Council to fill the seat vacated by John Haas, who had been named to replace City Solicitor Mike Jones. Jones took the job of magistrate in the Scioto County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division Court, where he will be working with newly-elected judge Jerry Buckler.

Both Kevin W.W. Johnson and Kevin E. Johnson filed their petitions Tuesday and incumbent Third Ward Councilman Nick Basham failed to file. Basham reportedly informed his fellow members of City Council of his decision on Wednesday.

Because each of those candidates is unopposed, there will be no primary election for City Council, but all will be on the November general election ballot. All three will take office at the organizational meeting in January of 2014, when Portsmouth will also change its form of government from strong mayor to council/city manager. Portsmouth has formed a committee and is in the process of searching for someone to fill that job. Council is also planning to authorize $36,500 for use in searching for a city manager.

The other members of City Council are Rich Saddler in the Second Ward, James Kalb in the Fourth Ward, and Steve Sturgill, who, in addition to being the Sixth Ward Councilman, is President of Council.

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