Northwest School treasurer returning to Portsmouth

February 4, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

Northwest School is reviewing applicants for treasurer, after accepting a verbal resignation from treasurer Diana Reedy last week.

Reedy previously worked as assistant treasurer at Portsmouth Schools before she accepted the treasurer’s job at Northwest just last year. Last week she verbally informed the school district that she will be leaving Northwest to return to Portsmouth School, as their new district treasurer. At Portsmouth, Reedy will follow Kyle Smith as treasurer.

“The board has not accepted her resignation yet, because we have not had a meeting. She just verbally made contact with the board last week,” said Northwest Superintendent Todd Jenkins.

Jenkins said Reedy’s first day at Portsmouth is Feb. 11, but until a new treasurer is hired at Northwest she will continue to “help out” at Northwest — working temporarily for both schools. Northwest was accepting applications until noon on Monday, and hours before the deadline Jenkins said they had received about four applications. He said there was not an assistant treasurer at Northwest, and the school was not looking at any internal candidates.

“(We’re looking for) someone with experience. Someone that’s definitely a hard worker. Someone that’s willing to put in time. Someone that’s able to communicate to the board and communicate to the staff and to the community as well,” Jenkins said. “We’re looking for people that have certificates. We’d like to have someone with a little bit of experience to bring into this position.”

The school board will review the applications and select which ones they would like to interview. With the district left entirely without a full-time treasurer, Jenkins said he expected the school board would act quickly to interview and hire a new treasurer.

Portsmouth School could not be reached Monday to discuss treasurer Kyle Smith’s plans after leaving the district.

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