County Concealed Carry permit requests on the rise

January 25, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

As of Friday, the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office has seen a major increase in new issues and renewals of Concealed Carry permits.

“A normal month of new issues and renewals would be about 75 to 80,” Scioto County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Todd Miller said. “This month, right now, I’m sitting at right at 125, and, of course, we’ve still got the rest of next week to go.”

Miller said he has not spoken with many people about why they have filed for permits to carry a concealed weapon, but has seen a couple of trends.

“We had a group of school teachers come in,” Miller said. “A bunch of them got together, and somebody put on a class somewhere.”

Miller said those who take out the permits are a cross section of society, with people from all walks of life, coming in.

Miller said another deputy who has been handling CCW’s, Captain Shawn Sparks, told him some people had said their reason for taking out a permit or renewing a permit was the current state of the economy and the fear that the government is going to take away their guns.

“I have had people say that to me too, the economy, because people are stealing so bad, and they want to protect their property, protect their home,” Miller said. “And Shawn said he has heard one or two talk about the gun ban, and they are worried about that.”

In a news release, the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action says it conducted a national scientific poll of its members and found near unanimity among NRA members on a wide range of issues involving mental health reform and firearm rights.

The data from this survey indicates that NRA members are united in their desire for Washington to focus on keeping firearms from the mentally ill and to reject unconstitutional gun control measures that infringe on Second Amendment rights.

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