Wenstrup reacts to inaugural speech

January 23, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Despite the spirit of President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address, centered on an assertive push of the central Democratic doctrine of programs for the poor, equal rights for gays and minorities and government spending on investments such as education and highway infrastructure, focus for Congress Republicans remains on the economy, and a balanced budget.

“I want to extend my congratulations to President Obama on his inauguration. The Inauguration, our nation’s 57th, is a testament to the greatness of America and of the republic established by our founders that assures a peaceful transfer of power every four years,” U.S. Representative Dr. Brad Wenstrup (R-Cincinnati) said in a statement released shortly after the president’s speech. “While I respect the American people’s decision to re-elect the President, I have very different views about the proper size and role of government. By balancing our budget, we can build a healthy economy and create jobs in southern and southwestern Ohio. House Republicans offer real solutions, real results and real jobs. I look forward to a vigorous debate as we work to tackle our nation’s most pressing challenges.”

Republicans indicate they will continue to press the overspending issue repeatedly starting this week in the GOP-controlled House, which will mean the continuation of the two parties stark differences. And, while Republicans will most likely continue their assault on spending, Obama shows every sign that he believes his victory is a mandate for him to continue implementing new programs. And the outcome of the two parties’ long-running conflict will help shape the government’s role in coming years, not to mention Obama’s legacy.

The right charges that Obama’s speech was all about the limits of individual action and the virtue of “collectivism” and that it ignored the biggest problem in U.S. public life: the growing national debt, meaning the battle between increased revenue and reduced spending will continue in the nation’s capitol.

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