Friends Center renovations complete

January 14, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) Friends Community Center recently underwent a number of renovations.

“The renovation project is to allow our facility to be the backdrop for the events going on. The new carpet and the new paint spruced everything up a little bit and allowed the many brides that have their wedding receptions here to allow their event to be what everybody remembers and not the blue carpet and the dingy walls,” said Jennifer Shackart, Friends Center Manager.

According to www.somc.org, the Friends Center is described as being, “adjacent to the SOMC LIFE Center and connected by the atrium is the Friends Community Center, an 8600 sq. ft. facility with a stage and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment installed in each of three connecting rooms. A permanently-installed dance floor is in the room which houses the stage. A licensed commercial kitchen is available for use as well as 500 place settings of china, glassware, and silverware. Serving plates, coffee servers, chafing racks, etc. are also available for use to persons using the facility.”

The renovations included the installation of new carpeting, a new and expanded dance floor, new stage flooring and new paint throughout the facility.

“The renovations really brightened up and freshened up the rooms and we are real pleased with the results,” Shackart said.

The SOMC Friends Center is located at 1202 18th Street in Portsmouth next to the Life Center.

For more information about the SOMC Friends Center call 740-356-6160.

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