Scioto County grand jury indicts 9

January 11, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

The Scioto County grand jury returned indictments against nine people following a meeting on Dec. 21, 2012. Among those indicted was a woman who spit in the face of Portsmouth Police officers and told them she had Hepatitis C.

According to Portsmouth Police, Tabitha M. McNeely, known also as Tabitha Besco, 36, of 1514 Kinney St., was arrested after an incident in which, after an argument with someone, she was walking along a railroad track, according to police, in an intoxicated state, carrying her baby and yelling. McNeely reportedly handed her baby to a Portsmouth Police officer, but continued to argue, and when officers attempted to handcuff her, continued to resist arrest. After being placed in a cruiser, officers said the woman kicked the door several times, and after continuing to do that at the Scioto County Jail, was finally secured in a restraint chair. During the scuffle, officers said she spit in the face and eye of a deputy.

The Portsmouth Police report says she was asked if she is Hepatitis C or HIV positive, and that she told them she is Hepatitis C positive, but not HIV positive.

McNeely was charged with assault, endangering children, and harassment by an inmate who knowingly carries a virus that carries AIDS, the Hepatitis virus or is infected with tuberculosis and causes or attempts to cause another person to come in contact with a bodily substance.

She was indicted by the Scioto County grand jury in December on a charge of harassment by an inmate.

Also indicted by the grand jury was Jason Scott Frye, 31, of Stout.

According to the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office, their office received a call on Nov. 15 from a West Portsmouth man stating that his house had been broken into and several items were stolen including several firearms and tools. Deputies responded to the West Portsmouth residence where a report was taken and forwarded to detectives for an investigation.

Deputy Jason Diddle of the Nile Township community policing deputy, along with detectives from the Sheriff’s Office, responded to a Pond Run Road address where they were able to detain Frye for questioning. That questioning resulted in Frye’s arrest on two counts of burglary.

During this ongoing investigation detectives were able to recover several of the stolen guns in Ashland, Ky.

Frye was indicted by the grand jury in December on one count of burglary and three counts of grant theft.

Also indicted by the grand jury in December was Joseph Davis of Lucasville for failure to appear, Melissa Carver of Vanceburg, Ky., for failure to appear, Malcolm Dotson of Portsmouth for breaking and entering, and theft, Dennis Winters of West Portsmouth for receiving or disposing of stolen property, Ashley Purdin of Blue Creek for robbery, and Barry Neff and Phillip Meade, each of Portsmouth and each for breaking and entering, safecracking, tampering with coin machines, theft and vandalism.

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