Village approves 2013 appropriations ordinance

Bret Bevens, PDT Sports Writer

January 4, 2013

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

NEW BOSTON — Members of the New Boston Village Council voted to accept a 2013 village budget appropriations ordinance, following a brief organizational meeting Thursday evening to kick off the new year.

The village budget was passed in July, and the appropriations was passed on Thursday. Included was $1,682,260 in General Fund appropriations; $78,000 in Street Maintenance Fund appropriations; $6,500 in State Highway Fund appropriations; $100 for Drug Law Enforcement Fund; $500 for DUI Education and Enforcement Fund appropriations; $1,000 for Crime Initiative Fund appropriations; $1,000 for Fire Initiative Fund appropriations; $200 for Police Training Grant Fund appropriations; $24,500 for Community Development Fund appropriations; $68,500 for Fire Levy Fund appropriations; $291,000 for Safety Tax Fund appropriations; $48,200 for Flood Defense Fund appropriations; $40,129.81 for Debt Services Fund appropriations; $2,100 for Capital Improvements Fund appropriations; $260,000 for TIF Fund appropriations; $48,913.09 for Floodwall appropriations; $15,600 for Police Pension Fund appropriations; $2,814.94 for Warren Trust Fund appropriations; and a $20,000 transfer from the General Fund to the Flood Defense.

Before their regular monthly meeting began Thursday (normally on Tuesday but rescheduled this week for the New Year’s holiday), council also had a brief organizational meeting. During the organizational meeting, William “Junior” Williams was nominated for another year as Council President Pro-Tempore, and he was unanimously elected with a council vote of 5-to-0. Williams himself abstained the vote.

New Boston Mayor James Warren handed out the new committee member lists for 2013 on Thursday, making no changes from 2012. Williams remains chair of the Finance and Wages committee, with members Councilmen Jon Mills and Ralph Imes.

Imes remains chair of the Streets, Alleys and Transportation Committee, with members Councilmen Dan Fetty and Mike Payton.

Payton remains chair of the Utilities and Communications Committee, with members Councilmen Williams and Terry Salyers.

Mills remains chair of the Flood, Sewage and Service Committee, with members Councilmen Salyers ad Fetty.

Salyers remains chair of the Laws and Claims Committee, with members Councilmen Mills and Imes.

Fetty remains chair of the Lands and Building Committee, with members Councilmen Payton and Williams.

On the Village Board of Zoning Appeals Committee is Councilman Williams, Richard Jenkins, Carl Clark, Joe McGraw, and Robert Davison; and on the Village Planning Committee is Mayor Warren, Councilman Williams, Village Administrator Steve Hamilton, James Hamilton and Steve Wells.

Also during the organizational meeting, council voted to continue its current meeting schedule in 2013. Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in council chambers at the Vern Riffe Community Center on Rhodes Avenue in New Boston. The next meeting on New Boston Village Council is Jan. 15.

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