Jackson officer finds drugs in Scioto County

December 26, 2012

Ryan Scott Ottney

PDT Staff Writer

A Jackson County sheriff’s officer discovered drugs inside a vehicle parked beside the road Sunday before realizing he was technically in Scioto County jurisdiction.

According to a Scioto County Sheriff’s Office report, an officer from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was looking for stolen property in Jackson County Sunday when he spotted a vehicle parked by the side of the road. When the officer stopped to speak with the driver, he found drugs in the vehicle but realized he had cross the county line and was now in Scioto County.

Scioto County Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Kelley was called to assist at the scene.

Kelley said the driver, identified as Floyd Howell III, of White Gravel Road in Minford, reportedly admitted there were drugs in the vehicle. They were identified as Percocet pills, a bag of powdery white substance, and a plastic bag of marijuana.

Howell was arrested by Deputy Kelley and charged with possession of drugs, possession of a Schedule I or II substance, and possession of marijuana. He was taken to the Scioto County Jail.

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