ASC gets more than half a million for operations

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

December 19, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

The Scioto County Commissioners have been awarded $591,576 in grants from the Rural Transit Program from the Ohio Department of Transportation for the continued operation of Access Scioto County during 2013.

The grants will supply the county’s transit system with $420,493 in federal and state funds for operating costs next year. The grants will also supply $171,083 in capital expenses including the purchase of two replacement vehicles, computer hardware and vehicle maintenance.

According to ASC Transit Coordinator Larry Mullins, who applied for the grants on behalf of the Commissioners, next year’s budget to continue operations at ASC will be $793,626.

“The operating grant will supply roughly 53 percent of the funds need to operate the transit system next year,” Mullins said. “The other half of the operating funds needed to operate ASC next year will have to be generated by contract revenue and passenger fares.”

Mullins said ASC has had to cut back in recent years.

“During the past four years we had to make a lot of cuts to our services due to the loss of contract revenues,” Mullins said. “Hopefully no additional cuts will have to be made this coming year.”

Mullins said 2012 has been a good year budget-wise, with the transit system operating at or below its budget for the majority of the year.

“I am very optimistic that next year will go as well as this year,” Mullins said.

For more information about the proposed service changes please contact ASC Coordinator Larry Mullins at 740-353-5626, extension 208.

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