Christmas Party seeking donations

Cortney Throckmorton

December 8, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Gary Newman, pastor of Sand Hill International Pentecostal Church of Christ is asking for help as his church attempts to assist Veterans Helping Veterans and Others with their annual Veterans Christmas Party.

“What we need is if anybody would like to help support it,” Newman said. “Whatever they can donate to it, because we want to make it a very special Veterans Helping Veterans and Others Christmas Dinner this year.”

Newman said the members of his church and members of Swauger Valley Freewill Baptist Church, have committed to putting together fruit baskets for the dinner on Dec. 18.

“What we’re talking about is, lets go back to the good old days, back in the early fifties and sixties, when the Salvation Army used to come around and get us kids and take us on a tour of Portsmouth to buy for our families. Then they would end up at the Salvation Army that evening with a fruit basket full of nuts, candy and fruit,” Newman said. “And basically that’s what we want to do.”

Newman said VHVO has already taken care of the boxes of food.

“Financially it’s a little bit slower right now to do what we want to do,” Newman said. “We’re talking about making at least 100 boxes. We know the fruits this year are scarce because of the drought we have been through, but we still want to try to do that. It’s our way to make it special for those who are in need through Veterans Helping Veterans and Others.”

“(State Representative) Dr. Terry Johnson will be our speaker,” John Foster, Commander of VHVO, said. “We’ll have some singers there from Portsmouth West High School. We’ll honor our veterans, and then we’ll give plaques to some of our supporters. Then we’ll have a nice hot meal, and Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus will be there. After the meal is over they’ll get food baskets and toys to take home for Christmas.”

Newman said for those wanting to know what is needed, there are some specific items.

“We’d like to have a pre-cooked turkey or pre-cooked chicken on pre-cooked hams, because we’re going to do ham and turkey and chicken,” Newman said. “The sides to go with it we already have. But if somebody wants to donate some of those things to us, we will be glad to come and get them. If they want to make a $5 or $10 donation, they can do that too.”

Newman said Sand Hill Chruch is located at 200 Second St. in South Shore. Donations can be sent to Sand Hill International Pentecostal Church of Christ, Post Office Box 1114, South Shore, Kentucky. People can call 740-821-0766 to make a donation as well.

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