Minford teen selected for musical recording in Nashville

December 1, 2012

Portia Williams

PDT Staff Writer

Mariah Thomas, a 15-year-old country and pop singer, was granted the opportunity to sing in Nashville, Tenn.

Thomas is a former resident of Minford and Beavercreek and now resides with her parents Cindy and David Thomas in Missouri.

Thomas started singing when she was 12-years-old while operating a lawn mower.

“One day I was sitting on my lawnmower, mowing the grass and singing. My dad heard me and he thought I could sing” Thomas said.

It was not long thereafter, that Thomas began exercising her musical talent by sing at karaokes.

She began singing at the karaoke events at Toro Loco in Portsmouth and New Boston.

The Thomas family decided to take Mariah’s show on the road, and relocated to Branson, Mo.

“We chose Branson in order to go through the back door of Nashville. Cindy Thomas said. We were told by multiple people not to go directly to Nashville, but to go to Branson, we live about 40 miles east of Branson.”

Thomas said their objective was to get Mariah more experience and exposure in preparation for Nashville.

Mariah had to opportunity recently to be a part of musical recording in Nashville with a production company called Doc Holiday.

Thomas said she was really excited about the opportunity and is hopeful about her pursuits. She now attends school at Bradleyville, Mo. where she sings with the vocal music department.

Chris Sprague, the vocal music director at Bradleyville High School, said Thomas is making progress in her singing.

“She is really a joy to work with, she has come so far since she first started. Her country style has been great, and she has worked hard to add the classical style in her singing. My hope was that we could help her on her country side, by giving her a foundation like some of the very successful artists have had,” Sprague said.

Sprague she has no doubt that Thomas has a bright future in music.

Reverbnation is a website for musicians of multiple genres, in which listeners may obtain downloads of featured music and view the artists videos. Thomas has a professional video on the site, featuring her song, “Im the Only One.”

Thomas said she has to make a lot of sacrifices as a teenager in order to pursue a career in music.

“When other kids are going to ball games, I am going to shows, and working on my music,” she said.

Thomas said one of her goals in life is to participate in the Country Music Awards.

“I’ve always wanted to make it big in the business, and to go to the CMAs, and get up there and sing, like Miranda Lambert, or Loretta Lynn,” Thomas said.

For more information about Mariah Thomas and her music visit: www.facebook.com/mariahthomas/heavyartillery, and reverbnation.com.

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