Driver leads deputy in nearly 5-mile chase

Bret Bevens, PDT Sports Writer

November 26, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

A Franklin Furnace woman, Bridget Stump, 27, of 93 Norwich Ave., who, according to the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office, led a deputy on a chase, has been charged with failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer.

Deputy David Fairchild said he was stationary around 7:52 p.m. Saturday when he observed a vehicle without working tail lights pass him. He said he pulled out and went after the vehicle. While he was in pursuit, he reportedly ran the vehicle’s license plate through dispatch, and as he watched the vehicle cross the center line, sometimes driving completely in the wrong lane, he was informed the vehicle belonged to Stump.

Fairchild said he activated his overhead lights in the 1800 block of Junior Furnace Powellsville Road, but the vehicle did not stop, going straight onto Junior Road. The deputy activated his siren for a short burst, but again the vehicle did not stop. He then activated his siren and left it on. The vehicle turned onto Gullett Road and continued around the point where the road turns into Stevens Road. It continued to the intersection of Stevens Road and Junior Road where it stopped abruptly, nearly striking another vehicle.

It was at that point Fairchild noticed the vehicle had no working brake lights either. The vehicle continued and turned on Junior Road going back toward Junior Furnace Powellsville Road, narrowly missing a vehicle coming out of a driveway at 1755 Junior Road. It failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection of Junior Road and Junior Furnace Powellsville Road, continuing back toward Franklin Furnace.

The vehicle also failed to stop at the traffic light at the intersection of Junior Furnace Powellsville Road and Gallia Pike. It then turned right onto Norwich Avenue, and the deputy said it failed to stop at the stop sign at Tulane Avenue and Plymouth Road. It then turned onto a driveway at 93 Norwich Avenue.

The report said Stump exited the vehicle and was told to put her hands on the car while the deputy checked to make sure no one else was in the car.

“As I was placing her in handcuffs I asked her why she was running from me,” Fairchild said in the report. “She advised me she was drunk.” He then contacted dispatch and told them he needed a trooper from the Ohio State Highway Patrol to check for Driving Under the Influence. He said the entire pursuit covered 4.7 miles and lasted six minutes.

A trooper for the OSHP arrived and tested Stump and placed her under arrest for DUI. She was taken to the Portsmouth Post for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) testing. The report said information will be sent to the municipal prosecutor for charges in addition to charges from the OSHP.

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