SOC football list released

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

November 20, 2012

Bob Strickley

PDT Sports Editor

The Southern Ohio Conference released its 2012 football All-Star list Tuesday afternoon and unsurprisingly, Oak Hill and Valley occupy the most spots as champions of their respective divisions.

Oak Hill’s Devon Davis, West Harden, Justin Dickens, Mason Waugh, Tyler Roach, Gabe Hall, Jonathon Harrison and Drew Haislop all were SOC I First Team All-Stars.

Luke Hammond, Griffen Jenkins and Garrin Stiltner each made the SOC I Second Team. Dickens won the SOC I Lineman of the Year award and Oak Hill coach Nathan Dugan won the SOC I Coach of the Year.

Oak Hill finished 9-3 with a 4-0 record in the SOC I after finished 2-8 in 2011.

Valley’s Nate Arnett, Will Howard, J.J. Hettinger, Hayden Dunn, Zach Shope, Brandon Jordan, Brandon Zimmer, Matt Rawlins were all First Team All-Stars in the SOC II.

Ethan Clark-Holbrook, Alex Loop and Dakota Baker each were named SOC II Second Team performers.

J.J. Hettinger won the SOC II Lineman of the Year award and his coach, Darren Crabtree won SOC II Coach of the Year honors.

Valley notched its second-straight perfect regular season and second-straight trip the Division V Region 19 Final. The Indians’ final record was 11-1.

East quarterback Justin Crager won the SOC I Back of the Year award while Wheelersburg quarterback Eddie Miller III won the SOC II Back of the Year award.

Correction: Minford’s Sean Berry was unintentionally omitted from the First Team Division IV Southeast District honoree summary. The Daily Times apologizes for the error.

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Southern Ohio Conference

2011 Football All-Stars

SOC I – First Team

Devon Davis (Oak Hill), Wes Harden (Oak Hill), Justin Dickens (Oak Hill), Mason Waugh (Oak Hill), Tyler Roach (Oak Hill), Gabe Hall (Oak Hill), Jonathon Harrison (Oak Hill), Drew Haislop (Oak Hill), Alec Herrell (Symmes Valley), D.J. Miller (Symmes Valley), Jacob Easthom(Symmes Valley), Tyler Rowe (Symmes Valley), Austin Baldwin (Symmes Valley), Jack Kayser (Notre Dame), Dakota Smith (Notre Dame), Kevin Lewis (Notre Dame), Michael Mader (Notre Dame), Justin Crager (East), Sam Elliot (East), Jeremy Toller (East), Robbie Applegate (Green), Kaden Sampson (Green).

SOC I – Second Team

Luke Hammond (Oak Hill), Griffen Jenkins (Oak Hill), Garrin Stiltner (Oak Hill),Caleb Holdenby (Symmes Valley), Kyle Wells (Symmes Valley), Tanner Mays (Symmes Valley), Jacob Milani (Notre Dame), Daniel Ogg (Notre Dame), Patrick Bias (East), Nick Basham (East), Dylon Stapleton (Green).

SOC I Champions- Oak Hill

SOC I Back of the Year- Justin Crager (East)

SOC I Lineman of the Year- Justin Dickens (Oak Hill)

SOC I Coach of the Year- Nathan Dugan (Oak Hill)

SOC I (Order of Finish) – Oak Hill(4-0), Symmes Valley (3-1), Notre Dame (2-2), East (1-3), Green ( 0-4).

SOC II- First Team

Nate Arnett (Valley), Will Howard (Valley), J.J. Hettinger (Valley), Hayden Dunn (Valley), Zach Shope (Valley), Brandon Jordan (Valley), Brandon Zimmer (Valley), Matt Rawlins (Valley), Eddie Miller III (Wheelersburg), Dylan Miller (Wheelersburg), Tyler Claxon (Wheelersburg) Sam Robinson (Wheelersburg), Ross Pyles (Wheelersburg) Sean Berry (Minford), Jared McCray (Minford), Austin Carter (Minford), Zach Farrar (Minford), Zach Frye(Portsmouth West), Alec Meeker (Portsmouth West), Jesse Scott (Portsmouth West), Trevon-Bolin-Hitchens (Waverly), Koty Anderson (Waverly), Wyatt Bazler (Northwest).

SOC II- Second Team

Ethan Clark-Holbrook (Valley), Alex Loop (Valley), Dakota Baker (Valley), Austin Gifford (Wheelersburg), Zach Cunningham (Wheelersburg), Camron Parsley (Wheelersburg) Zach Justice(Minford), Austin Thompson (Minford), Brandon Scott (Portsmouth West), Austin Bricker (Portsmouth West), Dilon Murray (Waverly), Devon Thomas (Northwest), Blake Vanderpool (Northwest).

SOC II Champions- Valley

SOC II Back of the Year- Eddie Miller (Wheelersburg)

SOC II Lineman of the Year-J.J. Hettinger (Valley)

SOC II Coach of the Year- Darren Crabtree (Valley)

SOC II (Order of Finish) – Valley (5-0), Wheelersburg (4-1), Minford (3-2), Portsmouth West (2-3), Waverly Tigers (1-4), Northwest (0-5)