Commissioners races comes down to provisional

November 6, 2012

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The two races for Scioto County Commissioner will be decided by provisional ballots. Each of the two races ended in 50 to 49 percent.

Longtime commissioner Tom Reiser received 14,392 votes or 49.48 percent and challenger Doug Coleman received 14,696 votes or 50.52 percent of the votes.

Commissioner Mike Crabtree received 14,390 or 50.28 percent of the vote and challenger Donny Rachford received 14,231 or 49.72 percent of the vote.

According to Scioto County Board of Elections the estimated 1,000 provisional ballots will be counted on Monday when the election is expected to be certified.

When asked for comment Reiser stated, “I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve been a commissioner. I’m proud of the work we’ve done while I’ve been there and the people voted.”

Reiser has been a commissioner for the last 12 years.

He said among the things that will stand out for him include, “we weathered the financial crisis of 2008. Our budget is now stronger than its been in the whole 12 years that I’ve been there. We’ve got a new county jail that made a $2 million a year difference in the county budget.”

Reiser went on to name a number of things that were important to him, including economic development activities.

“We’ve worked hard on economic issues and I think we are going to see some of those come to be. I know of one that will come to be in the next few weeks and hopefully in the next couple of months,” he said.

Coleman said he is waiting until the provisional votes are counted until he declares a complete victory.

“I’m really grateful for everyone that voted for me. I appreciate what they have done for me and I will do them a good job. If it works out with the provisional votes, I will do the people of Scioto County a good job,” Coleman said.

Crabtree was thankful to the voters of Scioto County for their support.

“I say thanks to everyone that supported me in this election. Thanks for the vote of support and for the vote of confidence. It’s been a close race but, due to the work of a lot of very good people, I managed to pull it out,” Crabtree said.

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