Local stylist headed to Africa to style hair

October 23, 2012

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

Deb McGlone, Angie Clark and Angee Commeans of Deb’s Guys and Gals of Minford will soon be traveling to Africa to cut hair at the Senegal Missionary Women’s Retreat. In an open letter to the community in September, the stylists stated they would need to raise $9,000 for the trio to go.

McGlone is reporting that $10,000 has been raised and the stylists will be leaving on Nov. 4.

“This has been such a blessing,” McGlone said. “God has been so good to us. Technically, we’ve raised more than the $9,000 needed. We had to pay $1,300 for all three of us to get the necessary shots. We were able to have all of our funds plus have the money that payed for those shots. Technically, you could say we’ve raised $10,300.”

In their open letter to the community, the stylists outline why they are taking this adventure.

“Jenn (DeAtley) and her husband, Shawn, have been in our prayers for a long time. They came to us about four years ago when we were doing a cutting event at Christ’s Community Church. Jenn asked if someone could teach Shawn how to cut her hair because they were going to Africa and she would not be able to get it done. So we gave Shawn a lesson in cutting hair,” the letter read.

Shawn and Jenn DeAtley of Portsmouth have served as missionaries in Senegal, West Africa, for the last five years.

The couple serves with a mission organization called New Tribes Mission, which focuses on planting a church in un-reached tribal areas around the world.

They have been working throughout west Africa for three years. Shawn has been working with the New Tribes Mission for seven years. Jenn has been serving for about five years.

“They were home this past December for Christmas and Jenn said ‘you need to come to Africa and do the hair care for the Senegal Missionary Women’s Retreat.’ We all just giggled and said,

OK, let us know,” read the letter.

DeAtley has sent the stylists a letter inviting them to travel to Senegal, Africa.

“Every November, there’s a missionary women’s retreat here in Senegal, at a resort just outside of Dakar and one of the things missionary women most look forward to about this weekend, aside from spiritual refreshment and singing in English is hair care. The women that come to do hair are volunteers, and this year, they don’t have any volunteers lined up. The retreat committee heard that Shawn cuts my hair, and they wanted me to ask if you ladies would be interested in serving missionary women in this way,” DeAtley wrote.

She wrote the retreat will take place Nov. 9th through the 11th.

McGlone said she, along with the other stylists, have been busy packing their bags in preparation for the trip.

She said along beauty supplies they will be taking some items to the DeAtley’s that are not available in Senegal.

“They’ve asked us to bring caramel apple suckers, gum and various other items. Things that we would normally run out to the store and put up if we run out,” McGlone said.

McGlone said through this trip they hope to be a blessing for the African missionaries.

“We are hoping to be a blessing to these women who are doing things that we would not do. I could not image myself, being in the middle of nowhere with no running water, not being able to shampoo my hair everyday or not having any of the luxuries we have here. We are hoping to be a blessing to them and to make them feel wonderful for a few days … that’s our hope,” McGlone said.

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