Pink Zumbathon dances through Tracy Park

October 20, 2012

Portia Williams

PDT Staff Writer

Zumba lovers were granted the opportunity to do their thing during the Pink Zumbathon in Tracy Park Saturday. Cool temperatures did not discourage more than 30 people to come out to SOMC’s “Pink Zumbathon,” one of the scheduled events for breast cancer awareness.

Dressed in pink and black, the designated colors for the Breast Cancer Awareness month, people came out to Tracy Park to participate in Zumba in the park.

Debbie Kielmar, Lead Fitness Program Instructor at the SOMC Life Center said she attributes the success of Zumba to the music.

“Zumba is a magnet for people because of the music. Music turns people on, it turns up their energy level. There is just something about the Zumba music that just makes people want to move. It something about the Zumba music that just gets down inside of everybody, and just lights a fire. Even they don’t dance normally, they will get up and move a little bit,” Kielmar said.

Kielmar also said that Zumba has proven to be an asset to the community, and has been a blessing in disguise to so many people in this area.

Lynsi Eason who is also a Zumba instructor at the SOMC Life Center in Portsmouth, and lead to Zumba group for two songs during the event.

“My role was to get everyone moving, to get their blood flowing, and dance for the cure,” Eason said.

Eason said that one of the benefits of hosting “Zumba in the Park, is to let all of these women know that the cancer center is in the community, that we are here to help,” Eason said.

The day concluded with a ceremonial pink parade, in which Mayor Malone presented a proclamation to make Oct. 20, 2012, “Paint it Pink Day.”

Pink carpet was rolled out of which cancer survivors from the area walked out on, and were cheered by the crowd.

Bands from local high schools from came out to play and support the event.

The ceremonial parade is the idea of Sherry Rosse who lossed a loved one to cancer.

“We want people to know that you can survive it, I have a sister-in-law who had cancer 29 years ago and she is still here. So you can survive cancer,” Rosse said.

Rosse also said funds raised are not exclusive to breast cancer patients, but benefit all other types of cancer as well.

Wendi Waugh of the SOMC Cancer Center said that “Paint It Pink” is about surviving and thriving.

“We are honoring those that are lossed, and celebrating survivorship. Paint it pink, survive and thrive, and get your mamogram,” Waugh said.

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