The Haunted Collector to film in Portsmouth

John Stegeman, PDT Sports Editor

October 4, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

The SyFy Channel show “Haunted Collector” may soon be filming in Portsmouth.

According to Kim Bauer, Director of the Portsmouth-Scioto County Visitors Bureau, she was contacted by show producer Benjamin Haslup, Wednesday afternoon seeking information about suspected haunted areas in the city.

“They are wanting to come to Portsmouth and shoot some footage for the upcoming season,” Bauer said.

Bauer said she and her husband Greg and have watched this show and, “sometimes it will raise the hair on your arms.”

According to a description of the show on SyFy’s website, “The Zaffis family are renowned paranormal investigators, tracking down haunted items like paintings, guns, jewelry and dolls. Once identified, these obscure items are collected and stored in the family’s museum.”

Haslup indicated in an email to Bauer, one the the places they are interested in exploring is the Brewery Arcade. He stated, the Brewer Arcade, “sounds like there’s some interesting activity reported there.”

“This is a great opportunity for us. What a better time than right now to do this,” Bauer said. “Everybody has those stories of where you’ve been in this house and something touched you, your keys are missing or you will see something.”

She said if and when they come to the area depends on how much information she can gather for Haslup.

“When they air this show, the tourism in the area will likely go up as a result. Right now, people are crawling all over Parkersburg for Mothman Days,” Bauer said.

According to informational flyers that will be hung up around the community, people can send an email to helpthehaunted@gmail.com, detailing the their experence, location and any relevant history along with contact information.

According to the flyer a producer will be in touch with further information.

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