Village asks candidates to limit the size of political signs

September 24, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

NEW BOSTON — With slightly more than a month until elections, the village of New Boston is reminding candidates that they are all welcome to post signs in the village as long as they obey an ordinance limiting the size.

Village Administrator Steve Hamilton said whether its on public or private property, Village Ordinance 1341.03 limits the size of political signs in New Boston to not larger than 16-square-feet.

“It’s either 8-by-2 or 4-by-4, but they can’t be bigger than that,” Hamilton said.

He said he has already called four candidates to remove eight signs. Generally the candidates have been cooperative, he said, and simply replaced their signs with smaller signs that are permitted within the village ordinance.

“Like all these signs down here by Walmart; all of them have been corrected but I just went by there again and there’s another one. A 4-by-8 one that someone put up there on the weekend. I got five phone calls over the weekend,” Hamilton said.

The biggest problem, he said, is from the repeated anonymous, blocked callers complaining about the candidates’ signs, that distract Hamilton from his daily responsibilities as Village Administrator.

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