Lucasville man charged with murder

August 28, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

An apparent love triangle has reportedly resulted in the death of one man and the arrest of another man on a charge of first degree murder. A Lucasville man, Jeff Waller, 24, has been charged with one count of murder, a felony of the first degree and tampering with evidence, a felony of the third degree in the death of James A. Thurman, 33, of 890 McNamer Brown Rd., in Lucasville.

“Anna Thurman made a 911 call and she advised that her husband had just been shot by her boyfriend, and his name is Jeff Waller, of that same address. So we have three occupants living at the same address” Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini said. “And according to the witness statement, which is the wife, she and Jeff Waller were in a back bedroom, sitting on a bed on the floor, and the victim, James Thurman, came into the bedroom and kicked the suspect (Waller), without any provocation, at which time, Anna jumped up between the two of them to stop James from further assaulting the suspect, at which time the suspect grabbed a loaded shotgun and shot the victim in the stomach. He (Waller) apparently left the scene and was walking down the road.”

That is when a deputy saw Waller and confronted him.

“He (Waller) actually raised his hands and said he was the shooter and the deputy approached him and took control,” Donini said. “Then we had a second deputy that showed up and he actually took possession of the suspect, and the original officer went to the scene.”

Thurman was found wounded on a porch at 890 McNamer Brown Rd., in Lucasville and was, according to deputies, coherent at the time and told the officer Waller had shot him.

Donini said the victim was transported by squad to Valley High School, then taken by helicopter to Cabell Huntington Hospital. Hospital officials contacted the detectives at 3 a.m. and advised that the victim was deceased.

Donini said detectives consulted with Scioto County Prosecutor Mark Kuhn about the case which resulted in the suspect being charged with first degree murder, and there will also be a charge of tampering with evidence.

“Those charges were again the result of consulting with the County Prosecutor,” Donini said. “We always consult with the County Prosecutor on shootings. A lot of people didn’t realize that until recently. The bottom line is, it is his job to prosecute and it’s our job to investigate. If we overcharge it could create a problem. If we undercharge it could create a problem. He hears a brief summary of what we know at the time, and based on what we have at the time, he advises us what charges to file, if any.”

Kuhn was in the Detective Bureau Tuesday morning going over the case with detectives because since the victim expired, now it’s a murder case.

Waller was held without bond pending an appearance in Portsmouth Municipal Court.

Donini said anyone with any information concerning the case should contact detective Denver Triggs at 740-351-7332

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