Ministerial Association to host Holy Week luncheons

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

March 30, 2012

The Holy Week luncheons will again be sponsored by the Scioto County Ministerial Association and hosted by First Christian Church. The theme of this years program is “The Kingdom of God.” Jason Coriell is the coordinator for the event.

The Holy Week Luncheons are a special gift to the community. Meals are prepared by members of several local congregations. The luncheons will be held April 2-6 from noon until 1 p.m. at First Christian Church, 843 Third St. Portsmouth.

Schedule for Holy Week Luncheons

Monday, April 2

Text- Mark 12:28-34

Worship leader: Tom Williams

Special music: Paul Nibert

Speaker: Bernie Tilley, Salem Community Church

Lunch prepared by Evangel Temple Assembly of God, Valley United Methodist and Innermission Campus Ministry.

Tuesday, April 3

Text- Mark 13:9-13

Worship leader: Pete Michael

Special music: Sue Minch

Speaker: Stan Webster, First Presbyterian Church and Second Presbyterian Church

Lunch prepared by All Saints Episcopal Church, First Church of the Nazarene and Riverview Wesleyan Church

Wednesday, April 4

Text- Mark 13:32-37

Worship leader: David Smith

Special music: Chris Wiseman

Speaker: Chris Wiseman, Old Town UMC/ Friendship UMC

Lunch prepared by First Lutheran Church, St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Holy Redeemer Catholic Church

Thursday, April 5

Text- Mark 14:32-42

Worship leader: Frank Johnson

Special music: Mark Ferreira

Speaker: Mark Ferreira, Salvation Army

Lunch prepared by Second Presbyterian, Evangelical United Church of Christ, and Friendship United Methodist Church.

Friday, April 6

Text- Mark 15:33-39

Worship leader: Jason Coriell

Special music: Shirley Hartlage

Speaker: Larry Moore, Grace United Methodist Church

Lunch prepared by McDermott United Methodist Church, Cornerstone

United Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, and Kingdom Builder Evangelical Ministries